Tracking the spread of COVID-19

We track the daily change in the number of confirmed cases, death toll and recoveries.  We are also keeping abreast of the R0 (pronounce R-Naught) or average transmission rate.

Countries affected by coronavirus outbreak

Growth of Confirmed COVID-19 cases from Day of 1st case


Coronavirus outbreak by country and territory

R0 (R-Naught)

R0 (pronounced R Naught) is an epidemiological term to describe the basic reproduction ratio of a virus in one instance of infection. The simple way to understand is the average number of infections caused by one case of infection.

For example: If a there are 10 infections, each caused another two infections, and the incubation period was seven days, then the R0 would be 2 and the expected number of infections would be 20 in seven days (public response can bring this number down).

The current understanding of R0 in the Novel Coronavirus is:

R0 = 2 – 3.11

There have been a number of researchers who have done work on this. The R0 value is a complicated number. To understand more about R0, please see:

How does the new coronavirus spread? These new studies offer clues.

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